Open Tech Summit/Gender Gap Wikipedia


After more than 15 programming and developing speeches before my talk, here its me, a programmer who speaks about not programming stuff, but Wikipedia Diversity and Gender Gap.

The first goal: To break my record. To have more than 5 girls participating at my talk. ✔
I had 11 girls participating at my talk.

Second goal: To think in Albanian and speak in English without awkward silence in between(since this was the first time that i had a talk about gender gap in English) ✔
I repeated so many times my talk, that I was thinking and speaking in English even after i was back in Tirana.

I agree with the quote: “ If you are the smartest person in the room/event, you are in the wrong room/event”
And absolutely, i was in the RIGHT event 🙂
My talk was at 16:10 so I had almost the whole day meeting other speakers, hearing their speeches and learning a lot. I loved the idea of having children there. It was my first conference of seeing that much awesome tech kids in the same place.
..Talking about awesome kids. I met this guy and we were talking about coding and tech stuff. Then i asked him:

Me: -“What language do you want to learn when you grow up”?
Him: – “C++ is good, but i am switching to Python”
Me: “Pokerface”

He was 6 years old. I started Python one year ago, I’m still a beginner with it.
Here it is a twitt for the awesome kids 🙂

Two words. Diversity and openness. Each talk/workshop felt as if it wove right into the next, creating the right atmosphere. The hacking, animation, design and security world of technology. I was impressed by the diversity of the speakers and speeches.

I loved the feedback that i got for my talk as well 🙂

This trip to Berlin was a bless. In the same days as OTS was Wikimedia Conference 2015 in Berlin. I was so happy that i met again my fellows from CEE meetings and all the other Wikimedias from all over the world.

Next stop Wikimania 2015 in Mexico.