Wikipedia Tour in Albania with WikiAcademy Albania.

It was 21 September 2013 when i start learning about how the world of Wikipedia works. On a normal workshop organized by Open Labs Hackerspace(in that time i was just a member) on how to edit on Wikipedia. My first article was about Information Security on Albanian Wikipedia.  Then i decided to do something more on Wikipedia. So I started to teach others on contributing on Wikipedia. So on December 2013 with my fellows from Open Labs we started the tour.  Till now I have been part of more than 50 workshops made in Albanian.

It was an wonderful experience which Im proud of being part and grateful for all the things that I learned. Continue reading “Wikipedia Tour in Albania with WikiAcademy Albania.”

Balkan Computer Congress: Women in Wikipedia

Will a single congress change your life? Probably not. But it can feel like a magical portal to learning and meeting new people.

Just a week ago, the 2nd Annual Balkan Computer CongressBALCCON2K14 was getting underway in Novi Sad, Serbia. I had an amazing time meeting all of them, hearing their speeches and learning a lot. I was so glad when the Balccon stuff told me that Open Labs was the first Albanian hackerspace being part of Balccon and more happy that representative of Open Labs was me.
I am proud that I represented the working group “WikiAkademia”and the only one so far representing Wikipedia Albania.

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