WikidataCon 2017

Image by: Rama [CC BY-SA 3.0 fr]

Last weekend of October, was organized the most wanted event for Wikidata’s enthusiasts 🙂

Was such a pleasure to attend the first Wikidata Conference in Berlin.

Wikidata was created in 2012 with the primary purpose of gathering information from Wikipedia entries so that they can be shared between different language versions, but they also gather data from many different sources, can be edited by users as in Wikipedia, and anyone uses them to produce new information on other media. Wikidata  is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines.

One of the greatest potentials for Wikidata is to make the underlying software more accessible, and to encourage more people to use it for their own research projects and large scale databases. Doing so would bring additional developers to the community to build tools that benefit academics, other researchers and free culture specialists to support this work.

The WikidataCon 2017 program was tight and intensive, and as expected very technical.

The presentations that I attended mainly took place at technical room since i offered to help with the moderation for that room, and unfortunately i couldn’t attend many other session specially related to Wikidata and education and GLAM but when you participate in an event with different sessions at the same time, you always miss something.

Oh, did I mention that was fifth birthday of Wikidata this year? And that this event happened to celebrate fifth years of hard work and success? Well, now you know.

The next WikidataCon will be in 2019. Next year every local community can host their own wikidata bday party 🙂

Happy birthday Wikidata <3

BotAcademy 2015 in Stockholm

For those who know me, they know how much I love snow. In the first moment when Wikimedia Sverige told me I won to participate at Botacademy I thought: Oh! Sweden, north, snow :).

While waiting for the snow to start falling outside I was learning about python at Wikimedia Sverige offices, which btw were really nice and warm.

Botacademy was a short intensive training about bots, how to create and run it on Wikimedia projects and tools that help to start with it. It was organized by Wikimedia Sverige for the second time this year.

Day 1 started with the introduction of the 6 participants and their plans on their local Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Andre (GLAM developer, Wikimedia Sverige)  introduced us to the program and how to get started with bots.


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Wikimedia CEE meeting 2015, Estonia

Annual meeting of Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe  this year was held in Estonia.  It was the fourth in a series of such conferences. Wikimedia CEE meeting 2015 was attended by 67 people from almost all countries of the region and representatives of the Wikimedia Foundation.

This year, participants were deployed in houses and rooms in a resort in Voore, a small town near Tartu, away from the temptations of everyday life, which was the intention to increase the focus on the conference itself. The sessions were held in the conference building near the accommodation and the program was divided into two parallel tracks.

During the Wikimedia Conference 2015 meetup, the program was concentrate on following topics:

  1. sharing learning from different (successful and unsuccessful) practices in the region,
  2. practical workshops on Wikidata and on tools,
  3. sharing projects that can be completed with relatively little financial input,
  4. collaborative work on future cross-community collaboration projects (like CEE Spring 2015 was created during CEE meeting 2014.

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